The future of Watertown’s historic Paddock Arcade

The future of Watertown’s historic Paddock Arcade

WATERTOWN, New York (WWNY) – A new façade is in the works for Watertown’s historic Paddock Arcade.

“I feel like it’s a staple for the city and everybody loves the Paddock Arcade, so for us, we’re just proud of being able to restore it,” said Jake Johnson, who recently purchased the property.

The nearly 180-year-old building is the second oldest covered shopping mall in the U.S. and the oldest continuously-operating shopping mall in America.

It’s home to businesses on the bottom floor and office space up top.

Johnson says more renovations will happen, including a new coat of paint for everything.

“We’re also incorporating a really nice limestone façade on the first floor and then painting it with historical colors on the floors above it, so the façade is going to be a showstopper when we’re done,” he said.

The inside tiles will also be replaced and what are now the green tones on the walls will soon be dark and light grays.

Johnson says the original atrium glass at the top of the building will be replaced with new glass; what’s there now isn’t in good shape.

“The future plans are to slowly restore the inside back to its original use which is retail,” said Johnson.

And keep the oldest continuously-operating mall in America going even longer.