Missing Person is now available to buy in the UK

Missing Person is now available to buy in the UK

There’s a new perfume in town and it’s worth your attention: after sell-out success in the US, fine fragrance brand Phlur has finally landed in the UK.

Having been propelled into the beauty spotlight by a social media frenzy, it was soon nigh impossible to bag one of this new brand’s scents on the other side of the pond. Chances of similar success in the UK? Quite likely, we say. Here’s why it’s worth getting to the virtual checkout quickly…

What’s so special about Phlur?

Supermodel fans already include Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Miranda Kerr, but it’s not just celebs that think this brand is pretty special. Phlur’s hero scent, Missing Person, is a beautiful floral musk that – according to the brand – ‘evokes the lingering scent of your lover’s skin’. Social media users told us (often through tears) that yes, it does feel markedly familiar. Comforting, as when someone gives you a T-shirt or soft jumper, and you want to nestle right into it.’ It’s evocative, viscerally impactful and easy to wear.

This was exactly the appeal for Sebastian Manes, Executive Buying Director at Selfridges, where the brand will be stocked exclusively. ‘This is a brand that takes you on a unique, sensory journey, one that evokes intimate memories for each scent and individual,’ says Manes. ‘They’re at the forefront of fragrance innovation’.

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Phlur’s scents have been created by some of the biggest names in fragrance, including master perfumers Frank Voelkl and Jérome Epinette, who between them have created scents for Guerlain, Le Labo, Byredo and Atelier Cologne. That’s quite the CV! And while Missing Person will no doubt fly off the shelves, don’t overlook Phlur’s bodycare, which looks beautiful on the shelf and is the perfect gateway into the brand if you’re not ready to commit to a perfume.

The US waitlist for the cult scent Missing Person was over 200,000 people long, so don’t hang around. Phlur will be available to shop online from Selfridges and in-store from the 12th September, but you can receive first access via the waitlist, here, from today. Happy spritzing!