Lebron James and childhood friends open new clothing store in Akron

Lebron James and childhood friends open new clothing store in Akron

CLEVELAND, Ohio (CLE WEEKEND) – Lebron James and his childhood friends are opening a second store for their clothing brand “UNKNWN” in Downtown Akron.

The idea started back in childhood.

A simple love for sneakers and sports brought childhood friends Jaron Kanfer, Frankie Walker, and Lebron James together.

As the years went by, their passion evolved into their clothing brand and sneaker retailer “UNKNWN.”

“Really it’s a lifestyle,” said co-founder Kanfer. “It’s kind of very general. We sell accessories, home goods, collectibles, covetable sneakers as well as emerging streetwear.”

They first opened in Miami in 2011 and saw a lot of success selling designer items and brand names you see in other big cities.

However, the goal was always to bring “UNKNWN” back to Akron.

“It’s nothing like being able to bring those things back home,” said co-founder Walker. “And not only that, we want to be more than just a retail space. So for us it’s about community, resources, and helping people.”

Some of the ways they do that is by giving local brands and artists a platform.

Kanfer and Walker want to help others showcase their work and elevate the people behind the brands.

“We really want to connect with not only the brands, but the people behind the brands that have the same vision as and the same goals,” said Kanfer. “We like to align ourselves with that.”

As for the shoppers, Kanfer and Walker said there’s something for everyone.

“UNKNWN” opens Saturday at 11 a.m.

Their hours are Monday-Sunday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.

“UNKNWN” founders and staff are also hosting a community day Sunday at the Summit Lake Community Center, partnering with Nike.