Hailey Bieber Talks Designing Clothes for the First Time
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Hailey Bieber Talks Designing Clothes for the First Time

The 11-piece collection has a clean, unfussy aesthetic that’s focused on extreme wearability. It can be purchased as a four-pack ($1,750)—including a tee, blazer, minidress, and choice of trouser or legging—or an eight-pack ($3,750)—which adds a track top, track pants, ribbed tank, and coat. (A knit sweater and oversized tee, meanwhile, can be purchased on their own.) All pieces are made in Europe with Italian textiles, and range from sizes 2XS to XL.

When designing the offering, Bieber shares that the tailoring and fit took center stage. “I was extremely hands on about the fit of each piece, how it hangs, and how it wears,” she says. “I’m extremely picky about the way things fit in general, so with these pieces I was over-the-top specific about the dimensions of each one.” She also wanted to incorporate personal accents into the line, looking to her own wardrobe for inspiration. “My personal style comes through in all the pieces, from the casual comfy ones to the more elevated, structured items,” says Bieber. “My style constantly mixes comfort and elevation, which is what I wanted to do with these clothes.” Goot adds, “Once we had defined the staples, we set about modernizing them—elevating fabrications, playing with proportions, and really optimizing the cuts to meet Hailey’s very specific vision.”

Photo: Courtesy of Wardrobe.NYC