Brands investing in AI and AR are ‘growing in double digits’

Brands investing in AI and AR are ‘growing in double digits’

The firm says some of the industry’s fastest-growing brands are embracing AI and are seeing considerable sales growth on the back of it.

“We have seen a growing number of beauty and cosmetics brands leveraging AI and AR solutions, and the brands investing in these technologies are growing in double digits,” ​Perfect Corp. founder and CEO Alice Chang told CosmeticsDesign Asia​.

She said that Perfect Corp. was supporting “hundreds of brand partners around the world who are leaning into this digital transformation”, ​adding: “We believe AI and AR will continue to be at the forefront of digital acceleration and user experience in beauty and fashion in the years to come.”

Product recommendations tailored to personality traits

Chang made these comments in the context of the launch of AI Personality Finder, the latest addition to the firm’s suite of AI and AR-powered SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions.

Powered by its patented AgileFace technology, the new technology is anchored in the so-called ‘Big Five’ personality traits used in psychometric tests. These are: extroversion, conscientiousness, openness, agreeableness and neuroticism. Based on the analysis, the AI engine will match consumers with several possible personality traits and deliver personalised product recommendations across a brand’s e-commerce channels.

“By integrating the technology, beauty and cosmetic brands can create a seamless omnichannel strategy that provides customers with immersive, entertaining and personalized experiences. As a result, customers’ online shopping experiences can be greatly enhanced,” ​said Chang.